Tool Protect

A virtual toolbox for every tradie

Tool Protect is a must have resource on your phone. The App that allows you to keep an electronic record of all your power tools!

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You can store:

  • Make, Model, Serial Number, special markings and even photos of your tools
  • Warranty due dates
  • Test & Tag due dates
  • Create PDF of your tools and print them
  • Create a Police report (list of tools) if stolen
  • Create tool list for insurance
  • You have 2 x Toolbox’s. One for work and one for your personal tools
  • Total value of each Toolbox

You will need a list to give to the police if your tools are stolen and also for an insurance claim. What if you lose your tools to a natural disaster (flood or fire)?

Tool Protect is a resource that every tradie needs to have on their phone. Detailed tool lists are ready at their fingertips.

Tool Protect is a Virtual Toolbox for Every Tradie!

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