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Tradeapprentices.com.au is the official out-of-trade register for Queensland apprentices to access assistance to re-enter their chosen trade. This is a free service fully funded by the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training (DESBT) and administered by the Apprentice Employment Network (AEN).
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Our Team

Meet the Trade Apprentices team who are here to help you re-enter your chosen trade.

Craig Westwood

Executive Officer

Steve Coolahan

Program Coordinator

Lauren Mangan

Project Officer


If you are an apprentice who has had a training contract that has been cancelled or suspended or are seen as ‘at-risk’ and would like support to re-enter the workplace please register with us.


Out-of-trade apprentices bring experience to the workplace, as they have generally completed some training in their qualification. If you are interested in employing an out-of-trade apprentice please register with us.